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Health Guarantee

We take your puppy’s health seriously at Champion Rottweilers, which is why we offer our clients a health guarantee. A health guarantee is a document that assures you that the puppy you purchase is free of any genetic health conditions. This document also states that your puppy has received all the necessary vaccinations and an overall health check by the vet.

All Rottweiler puppies purchased through Champion Rottweilers are covered with at least a 30-day health guarantee. So, what does a health guarantee cover?

The Type of Animal

A health guarantee focuses primarily on dogs, and it can sometimes focus on cats. However, this depends on your state.

The Seller’s Obligations

A puppy breeder needs to fulfill certain obligations before they can sell the animal.

Time Frame

The health guarantee only works when you buy a puppy with a hereditary/ congenital condition that adversely affects its health. The duration of this health guarantee is between two months to a year, depending on the type of genetic condition.

If your new puppy falls ill within ten days of purchase, you must take them immediately to a licensed vet for examination. If the vet determines that within ten days of purchase, your puppy died from an injury or illness that has been contracted before or on the date of sale and delivery, you have the option of:

  • Returning the dog and getting a complete refund.
  • Returning the dog and receiving reimbursement for reasonable veterinary fees. However, the costs shouldn’t exceed the pup’s purchase price.
  • Returning the dog and getting a replacement of exact value.

It’s important to note that the above options don’t apply in cases where a veterinarian issued a health guarantee, and it dictates the health problem at the time of sale. Also, suppose, within 30 days of purchasing your puppy, a licensed vet determines that your puppy has a hereditary or congenital defect, which affects its health, or that your puppy has died from that defect. In that case, you get to choose one of the options above.

You must notify us of the vet’s certification within two days; failure to do so within two business days will result in the forfeiture of rights.

Remember, every state has different laws when it comes to health guarantees. Therefore, ensure that you educate yourself on the health guarantee laws in your state before purchasing a puppy.

What Else Should You Know About Health Guarantees

  • They don’t cover normal veterinary costs that you will incur when providing your puppy with general care.
  • You will need to have proper documentation before compensation is paid.
  • A health guarantee doesn’t cover any veterinary costs you incurred related to injuries caused by accidental injury or negligence.
  • You will need to prove that your puppy’s disease or illness has a genetic origin through testing and veterinary examination.

While a health guarantee isn’t necessarily a legal requirement, we highly recommend it, as it is a sign that Champion Rottweilers is reliable and trustworthy. It also assures you of the treatment of the Rottweilers pups we have in our care.

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