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Rottweiler on white

About Champion Rottweilers

The connection between humans and Rottweilers dates back thousands of years ago. This dog breed’s origin goes back to the Roman Times, and their primary job was mainly to protect cattle and other livestock. But, that job description changed over the years, and they officially became recognized as police dogs. 

Despite their tough-looking exterior, Rotties are completely sensitive, and they can make the best dog for any family. But, to find the right Rottweiler for your home, you need to find the perfect breeder. And that’s where Champion Rottweilers steps in. 

We are your go-to Rottweiler Puppy Breeder and Stud service. And just as the name suggests, we know everything there is to know about Rottweilers. We are also keen on ensuring that every pup and stud you choose from our vast Rottweiler selection is not only healthy; but also a perfect fit for you and your family.

Apart from being a Rottweiler Puppy Breeder and Stud service, our services include:

Professional Grooming

Apart from a healthy diet, one of the ways you can keep your pet in tip-top shape is through professional grooming. Our professional grooming service allows us to offer our clients -- your pet --bath and haircut services.

Health and Vet Services

Your pet needs regular medical checkups to stay healthy. And thanks to our health and vet service, your pet can get the health care they deserve without you having to worry about their comfort. At Champion Rottweilers, our primary goal is to make sure your pet feels at ease in our clinic, which is possible with our caring and gentle approach.

Natural and Healthy Food

Each nutrient your pet consumes has a purpose, and without the proper nutrition, your dog cannot build and repair its muscles, maintain muscle tone, and perform routine daily activities. Our natural and healthy food service offers you a wide variety of natural and healthy food you can choose from to include in your pet’s daily nutrition.

So, if you ever need help grooming, feeding, and taking your pet to the vet, get in touch with Champion Rottweilers; we are always available.

Rottweiler puppy
Rottweiler face close up