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German Rottweiler Breeder

Thanks to their confidence, protective instincts and loyalty, the Rottweiler breed has become a must have dog for families across the United States, as well as other countries worldwide. As a member of your family, a Rottweiler dog will reflect the affection and love that he or she is given, making them a breed truly capable of lifelong bonding.

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About Us

Champion Rottweilers is based in Pennsylvania, home to several top caliber male Rottweiler studs of championship quality. We take pride in caring for this stoic and courageous breed and have been providing studs and Rottweiler puppies to loving homes for many years. Our breeders guarantee a healthy, happy puppy to protect and brighten your home.

At Champion Rottweilers, we want you to have a healthy and happy dog, which is why our services are always focused on quality and care. Our available list of Rottweiler dogs includes both Rottweiler studs and puppies for sale.

Rottweiler Stud Services

Are you interested in starting your own championship line? Our Rottweiler stud dogs have been vetted for the quality of their bloodlines and exemplify all the best qualities and traits of the Rottweiler breed. We can help you find the best Rottweiler stud dog based on the qualities you most want to retain.

Selecting the best Rottweiler breeder requires thought and research. That is why our breeders are knowledgeable about both the lineage of our studs and the Rottweiler breed as a whole.

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German Rottweiler Puppies

Our goal at Champion Rottweilers is to breed, raise, and provide our Rottweiler puppies with new homes. As top Rottweiler breeders, we raise our puppies with excellent genetic lines. Having handled Rottweilers for years, we are always striving to ensure that we breed Rottweilers that aren’t only cute, but devoid of any congenital disabilities.

We want to make both parties comfortable before we can give our Rottweilers a forever home. Rottweiler dogs are commonly known as tough dogs, which can sometimes make it difficult for them to find a home. This is why as Rottweiler breeders, we go beyond looks and breed for temperament.

At Champion Rottweilers, we want to help our Rottweiler pups become pets. And discovering the Rottweiler puppy’s temperament before they can leave for your home greatly impacts how you relate with your furry friend.

As Rottweiler breeders, we will help you understand the positives and negatives of the Rottweiler breed. We may ask you a few questions to see if you are an excellent fit for our Rottweiler puppies. Your puppy can’t have a loving home if you aren’t able to handle a Rottweiler. You also get to receive tips you can use to keep your Rottweiler pup happy and healthy.

At Champion Rottweilers, we believe that your Rottweiler pet deserves love and care. But that all starts from the stud and breeding process. Thanks to these services, we can breed Rottweilers with the right temperament devoid of genetic conditions.

So, if you are looking for a Rottweiler puppy, why not try Champion Rottweilers? We will assist you every step of the way in having your puppy!

Jessie Taylor
Jessie Taylor
We recently purchased a Rottweiler puppy from this breeder and our family couldn't be happier with our new furry companion. He is healthy and well-socialized (amazing with kids), and the breeder was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. They were responsive to all of my questions and concerns, and they provided a wealth of information about Rottweilers and how to care for them. I also appreciated that the breeder offered a rottie stud service, which gave me the opportunity to learn more about the breeding process and the genetics of Rottweilers. Overall, I highly recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a high-quality puppy or stud service for Rottweilers.